Other Services


Other offerings, yoga on horseback, ladies night.

After school programs 3 – 4:30ish. Kids can take the bus after school, ride in a lesson and spend time in the barn. All ages are welcome. This is a fun and SAFE after school activity.

Only 25.00 per day

Half Leases

Not ready to buy a horse? Consider half leasing one of ours! For a set price, you get 2 rides per week and a weekly lesson. Rides are based on an hour of time . The horse is still used in camps but we make a schedule so you know when your rides will happen. No hidden fees except if the horse needs shoes. Limited availability , horses are able to be shown. The horses can only leave the property if trailered by the farm ( for insurance purposes)

Drill Team

The drill team is a choreographed ride to music. It is popular because we have a big assortment of kids with all ages and abilities. It’s a great way to foster healthy communication in a team effort.